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Stickman Fighting Supreme MOD APK Free Download

Bringing the theme of fighting on a stickman graphics background. A design that is quite familiar to some people who mainly play web games. Supreme Stickman Fighter features street fights between many warriors in different worlds. Everyone has a certain kind of power and ability that can be used in matches, because this is a fighting game, it requires high character control and manipulation.

Learning and practicing can take some time. But once you understand it, nothing can stop you. Through practice, when your manipulation is gradually perfected, you can win any match, become the strongest hero, destroy enemies, and rule the world.

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Simple but full of attraction

The game does not focus on the plot of any individual character. Just like in the old fighting games, you are the only one who controls the fighters. Show off your skills. Defeat the enemy. Become an extremely powerful boxer with your own hands. The boxers are inspired by many characters in popular movies, comics, and cartoons.

And they are designed in the form of a stickman. You are free to choose the characters. The special thing is that they all have their own special powers, corresponding to the original. The moves in the game are not only ordinary punches and kicks but also many beautiful combos. That is a big difference because they stimulate the creativity of the player at the highest level.

Playing the game is very simple, you just need to control the character with the joystick on the left side of the screen. If you want to show off your skills, tap the first icon on the right side of the screen. If in other action games, you have to remember a lot of keystrokes to attack and defend, Supreme Stickman Fighter is completely random. Create drama and stimulate players in the most powerful way.

The extremely diverse character system  

The character system in Stickman Fighting Supreme mod is extremely diverse. All types of warriors have different powers for players to experience with typical characters such as Mario, Songoku, Naruto, Steve, etc. Each hero will have a unique source of power. To make the most of this energy, you must learn the characteristics of each character, and create favorable conditions for potential warriors to rise inside. Try to win levels to get more coins that you can use to unlock your favorite characters.

Supreme Stickman Fighter MOD APK

Practice combat skills

Stickman Fighting Supreme has 2 game modes: PvP vs Server. When fighting machines, your enemies fight using a pre-programmed system. This mode is for those who are just starting to practice skills. Although it’s a machine, it’s not easy to beat, there are enough moves you can practice to improve your level, and playing alone can make it easier for you to win. If you actually go to the arena with other players, you can test that person’s every move to improve your skills. Beat them all and pass all the leaderboards. Become the strongest in the stickman world.

Multiple battle locations

What could be better than choosing familiar terrain to fight? Besides weapons, the terrain system in the game is also quite rich, there are some common types of terrain such as: on the roofs of houses, on square stakes stuck in the sea, in the air, etc. You have to let your warriors be familiar with each terrain when preparing to fight, because the higher the level, the more familiarity with the terrain will be a big advantage. After that, you can still easily complete the fierce challenges step by step to defeat the enemy.

Various combat weapons

Before entering battle, it is important not only to choose a character with unique powers to use but also a combat weapon. Choose swords, bows, spears, etc. suitable for each character to fight the enemy. Or maybe just master one combat tool because many have become the most powerful warriors by mastering and mastering a single weapon. However, if you can use them all and know how to use them in situations, no matter how difficult it is, you can still win, right?

Stickman Fighting Supreme MOD APK v3.1.9 2023 Features

Unlocked All: When using the MOD APK version of Supreme Stickman Fighter, you will be able to unlock all the characters included in the game for the best experience.

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