Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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Vegas Crime Simulator Mod Apk lets you immersive into the street chaos character with different situations. Going deep into the underworld, players can become a notorious gangster boss. But you don’t have juniors, you just do whatever you like in this city. People are horrified when they see you, while the police are giving warrants everywhere. Vegas Crime Simulator makes you a dangerous criminal. So if you think you will do a good job or save the world, this game is not for you. Fighting, fighting, robbing cars … whatever you want to do can be done. But you should also have a plan to escape when the police come if you do not want to be arrested.

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  • 1 Download Vegas Crime Simulator MOD – Street fight
    • 1.1 Free move
    • 1.2 Observation support map
    • 1.3 Change weapons during game
    • 1.4 Change in appearance
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Vegas Crime Simulator game gives players the freedom to do what you want even that action violates the law. However, you must have a detailed plan when the police come. The action chase between the police and you make the atmosphere always enough emotion. Players need to do everything to not be captured or destroyed. With many different levels of the crime you can confront the state-of-the-art weapons system of the FBI. Note the upper right corner of the screen, 5 stars is the highest level of violation of the game. In that case, you face a lot of police. You can also refer to game Dude Theft Wars with unique images with similar gameplay.

Vegas Crime Simulator mod

Download Vegas Crime Simulator MOD – Street fight

From an ordinary, free citizen, the player will be assigned to move and fight. The level of crime will increase over time through your actions. Screenplay actually started when the arrival of the police. You can not walk around the street like before, instead, you are sitting in the car speeding or hiding somewhere. Naxeex LLC has miniature GTA-style titles but always succeeds with terrible downloads on platforms. Rope Hero: Vice Town is also a game with similar gameplay but you have the special ability of Spider-Man. Try it if you like the novel moves and many other features.

Free move

You can walk or run freely when in the first level and complete the task as directed. With navigation keys, jump, run that is all selected when moving normally. For using other vehicles such as cars, airplanes, Vegas Crime Simulator has its own appropriate control mode.

Observation support map

To find out exactly where you are, use the map in the left corner of the screen. Track dangerous places for you and avoid appearing there. Sometimes because you don’t pay attention, even while running away you find the police station. Maybe there’s no need to say what the next part will be like, right?

Vegas Crime Simulator mod download

Change weapons during game

You can change weapons during the game without having to prepare or exit the screen. There are not too many guns to choose from but Vegas Crime Simulator APK has all kinds from normal to specialized. Glock, AK-74, Shortgun, Launcher are weapons you can choose. But each gun needs its own type of ammunition, you need to buy more ammunition to attack. 9mm, Magnum 357, Nato 556mm, 762mm are the corresponding bullets. Players can also choose Rocket or grenades to use in case of need.

Change in appearance

With a few clothes, the option to change the face of the player easily has a new look when on the road. Chetike look is the right outfit for you to become a gentleman. Green Shirt, Flame Pants are for those who love colors. It was a bit of colorful clothes. However, it does not help you escape from the wanted warrant. The only way to get rid of that crime is to kill the police who are chasing you.

Vegas Crime Simulator mod apk

Vegas Crime Simulator for players to disorder the city with all different charges. Aircraft, Robots, or spacecraft, … you can control them as a means of combat. Download the Vegas Crime Simulator MOD to start your fight right away with a simple fight or murder.

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